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    If you are arrested for driving under the influence, DUI, or Operating a vehicle Impaired, OVI, your case will be handled by the Municipal Court that handles cases for the City where you were stopped. If that is Willoughby, Kirtland, Eastlake, Timberline, Willowick, Willoughby Hills, Kirtland Hills, Waite Hill, or Wickliffe, your case will be handled by the Willoughby Municipal Court located in Downtown Willoughby.

    If you are stopped in Mentor or Mentor on the lake, your case will be in the Mentor Municipal Court.

    Drivers stopped in Painesville, Painesville Twp., Concord, Madison, Perry, Perry Village, or Thompson, will have their cases heard by the Painesville Municipal Court.

    If you are a repeat offender and are charged with felony DUI then your case will begin in the municipal court for the City where you were stopped. Your case will then be sent to the County Prosecutor for consideration by the Grand Jury. If you are indicted, your case will be handled by the general division of the Common Pleas Court for the County where the stop was made.

    If the person arrested is under the age of 18, their case will be handled by the Juvenile Court in the County where he or she was stopped. Even though the case wil be handled in the Juvenile Court, the Judge has the authority to suspend your license beyond your 18th birthday. In some instances the judge can prohibit you from getting a license until you are 21.

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