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The results of the breath, blood or urine test will have a significant impact on the charges brought and the possible sentences. The so-called "per se" offense (driving over .08%) is defined by the blood alcohol level; the "DUI" offense (driving under the influence) is partially proven with a rebuttable presumption of intoxication if the result is over .08%.

DUI in Ohio

It is important to realize that the DUI laws relate to the blood-alcohol level AT THE TIME OF DRIVING — not at the time of the test; there may be a significant difference, not to mention difficulties of proof. It is also important to understand that tests — particularly breath tests — are unreliable and susceptible to attack by an attorney who is knowledgeable in the science of Blood-Alcohol analysis.

Alcohol and the Human Body
A good basic discussion of the physiological process of alcohol absorption and elimination, the alcohol levels of various drinks and the effects of food, tolerance, gender, etc.

How Alcohol Works
Discussion of the nature of alcohol, its metabolism and effects, by Dr. Craig Feudenrich.


Blood-Alcohol Chart
Calculate your Blood Alcohol Level before you get back on the road!

"Police Notebook" BAC Calculator
Online breath-alcohol concentration computor from the University of Oklahoma Police Department.