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Ohio BMV


Administrative Hearings


In most cases, the person arrested for drunk driving will have his driver's license confiscated by the officer if he (1) takes a breath test showing .08% blood-alcohol or higher, (2) gives a blood or urine sample which will be analyzed later, or (3) refuses to be tested. He will also be given a pink sheet of paper which serves as both a notice of suspension and a 30-day temporary license. (For out-of-state drivers, the license will not be seized and the suspension will only be of the privilege to drive within Ohio.)

The Court must hold a hearing within 5 days on the administrative license suspension.  You must request that you be given a right to appeal the suspension at the time of the hearing.  Nothing is lost by requesting a hearing and a good DUI attorney has a fair chance of getting the suspension thrown out.

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles   (OHIO BMV) is a huge bureaucracy with all of the inefficiency and incompetence that one has come to expect. 



The following resources will provide information about the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the laws that largely govern their responsibilities: 

Ohio BMV     (Official Website for BMV)
Home page of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Driver's License
General information about about driver's licenses.

Impairment Chart
These are very simplistic charts indicating impairment based only upon gender, weight and consumption and should not be relied upon as an accurate measure of your individual blood alcohol level!